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art, cards ,macaroons, wedding bouquets and a sequinned bag

I haven't blogged since the summer. It's been really too busy with the six journey's too and from school I need to do everyday. I have when possible made time to do a bit of relaxing crafting and making but most spare time was used making a bead and button bouquet for my sister's wedding day but more about that later. Here's a round up of the making and craft doing I have been upto.

Recently I have been getting back to original drawings but on a small scale. The size of an ACEO  (art card editions and originals) has to be 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, so quite small, just a bit bigger than an individually wrapped tea bag. My first two are ink drawings of dresses.

The first is inspired by  Vivienne Westwood's sculpured dress styles which I think are fab and the second is a more everyday style fit and flare style.  I really like playing with fabric but haven't quite got the skills to make clothes with pleats and gathers  so I did the next best thing and  made these birthday cards with gorgeous cute fabric dresses on them.

Two birthday cards with Liberty print dresses on them.

They have been made with  Liberty print fabric , lace, ribbon and a mini corsages!

 Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love tea time. Ever since I saw the trailer for SATC2, you know the one where Carrie and the  girls are sat in the tent in the dessert with an amazing moroccan tea spread out before them,  I  just yearned to taste those colourful macaroons ! Thanks to Momtaz, I did get a delightful box of Laduree macaroons for my birthday ( yipee!!!) and this little drawing celebrates that sumptous moroccan tea I had been dreaming of

and if you look closely you will see delicious macaroons in a jar. Here are the Laduree ones I was treated too by my lovely sis!

Delicious !!! I couldn't say which was my favourite, I loved them all!!

Now to some more fashion. Here is a peek at my "dress up a celeb" aceos. I took magazine cut outs of Victoria Beckham and Gabriella Cilmi and designed my own hair, clothes and accessories for them!

Victoria Beckham has big bubbly girls with silver strands added and is wearing a shiny silver dress with velour leaves. Gabriella is wearing a golden headress over her wild feathery hairstyle, a gold detail floral bodice and a woven mini skirt with golden threads through it. I think I like being stylist to the stars Lol!!

This month has been the culmination of alot of busy making as I had the honour of making Momtaz's bead and jewellery bouquet made entirely from broken jewellery and bits found and donated. It was fun making it and you'll get to see it on her blog soon but I will show you what I stared with .

a metal head massager found lying in Tesco car park ( there was no packaging with it so it wasn't someone's dropped shopping, probably either discarded or dropped and forgotten about)

A large selection of beads and broken jewellery donated by Momtaz's friends

Some of the broken jewellery which I donated : the clasp on the pearls had broken as had the brooch fitting for the butterfly and I had lost one earring that matched the purple toned heart necklace.

I also made a pretty fresh flower and feathers bouquet for her to throw up in the air for the bouquet catching moment. I'm really pleased with both and I think she was too! You'll get to see then soon!

I also made something for myself to take to her wedding. Here are the before and after photos.

 This is the sequinned dress with a broken zip which I bought from New Look for £5.
Here is the finished sequinned corsage party bag, I love the way it turned out. It's lined in blue satin from the dress lining and had a sturdy base which I reinforced with a bag bottom plastic sheet cut into a long rectangle. I am particularly pleased with the twisted handle. The sequinned fabric was surprisingly easy to handle in the sewing machine, except the needle did break just before I finished so I handfinished it with transparent thread.

summer dress brooches

We've been having some fantastic summer days these last past weeks. The perfect weather for a pretty girly floral skirt or dress. But what's a girl to do when the craving for a new dress won't go away and  there's no space in the wardrobe or the budget for anything new to wear? . Well, help is at hand in the form of the cutest little dress and skirt brooches. That's right little dresses and skirts brooches. These have been made and designed by me. They have a wire miniature hanger attached and a brooch back. They are all available in  my Folksy shop Rara Avis !

a cute full gathered skirt  brooch

I love this, such a pretty Liberty print. The full skirt is prettified with a satin bow and a pearl like buckle. I think this would look really cute as a little girls skirt, but if it was in my size I'd definately try in on. It's summery and sweet.

This gorgeous skirt  is made with a beautiful peacock feather Liberty print. I've designed a lovely pencil skirt style with a waistband.

a pencil skirt brooch

I also adore this gorgeous pink long prom dress brooch, it's the sort of thing I would wear to a party or a wedding

beautiful floral corsage dress brooch

Ofcourse choosing is hard when they are all gorgeous, I wouldn't know which to choose from these two

This first is a one shouldered dress with front pleats and a faux pearl flower corsage. The second is a fuller skirted strapless dress with a pleated and shaped bodice and a button and bead corsage

Here is another lovely strapless dress brooch . which has some bead embellishment and ribbon and pearl detail.

This style has a pleated bodice and waist and a bead corsage

All these gorgeous brooches are now on sale in my online shop Rara Avis