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Learning the magic of tidying the KonMari way

I confess I still have stuff cluttering up the house. Hidden in boxes, I'm not even sure what I have anymore.  It's mostly stuff that I accumulated over the past decade when I gave up work to raise a family and needed something to occupy my free time. I pretty much have tried most easy to do at home crafting and also pretty much bought the small gadgets, equipment and books for these crafts. I have papers and cards punches, inks, lino printing supplies, wax & batik supplies, Ofcourse there's sewing and fabric, paints, etc. I've give some stuff away to the school for their art clubs but I still have too much unnecessary stuff.

I was recently introduced to the MariKon method. Japanese tidy coach Marie Kondo believes that you can get rid of all your clutter by at tackling it all in one go, instead of bit by bit which is where I must have been going wrong. She has two published books which I've recently borrowed from my library and have just started to read them. 

I know it is going to be hard to let go of somethings but this quote is appropriate 

Marie Kondo believes everything we want to keep when we declutter should 'spark a sense of Joy' 

So over the next few days I'm going to be going through my clutter and asking myself this question
"Does this spark joy?" If it does I will put it aside, if it doesn't it will go in the recycling, charity, give away boxes.