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runner up for a design competition

I love entering design competitions and this week found out that I hadn't won but was a good runner up.
The competition was by the Soil Association for a design for a t-shirt. The winning t-shirt would be made and sold in their shop.

The brief was to design a logo that explained "What is Organic"

Here is the basic design I did based on my thoughts on Organic

Organic logo design by Fatema Hossain, 2012
for Soil Association competition

My design is called "Organic adds up"

My explanation for the design is as follows
Organic is all about everything adding up in the manufacture or food growth or farming stages.
It is all about getting the balance right the way mother nature intended without the addition of artificial factors.
I designed the mathematical logo as I thought it looks striking and being an ex Science teacher the design came about naturally.

A while back I also entered a design competition for designing a children's duvet, again for an organic company called Fou Furnishings   and the design was made up into a children's duvet. My design is called "Love to Learn" The design was originally all over but the lower part was used to create the beautiful embroidered design. I blogged about the design before but here is photo of the duvet that is from the  the Fou Furnishings website ( the photograph is copyright of the Fou Furnishings website)

I'm getting really interested in surface textile patterns and designs and will be reading some books on the design process over the summer. I have recently acquired some great books on designing, printing and e- textiles. I am looking forward to learning more about creative design  and putting it into practice