Ema Hossain Design Portfolio

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hand drawn cards

I often make hand drawn cards for family and friends and have been doing so for many years.
I'm often asked why I don't just print the design. It's simple really I don't like wastage of materials and I am faster at doing thing by hand anyway so it's the cost effective method for me! So no printer inks to pay for, no cost of running the printer or paying for professional prints besides I enjoy a freestyle of working with the ink directly onto paper and this makes each artwork unique. I also buy things locally and so try to work in a "greener way"
Here is some tea time inspired designs currently  in my Folksy shop.

Here is one of my favourite designs which I have used in the past few years for laminated place mats and drawings. Here I have done a coloured version as a greeting card

Hand drawn card (copyright Fatema Hossain) 

Here is another favourite one, this time I added patterned paper to the tea cup
Hand drawn card (copyright Fatema Hossain)